Teraqua GbR is a statutary recognized training unit for Scientific Diving (BG Rule R2112). The private-owned company is based in Staufen im Breisgau, Southern Germany. Teraqua has carried out courses for technicians, students and graduates in the archaeological field and from other disciplines since 1997. For 20 years the courses were carried out once a year.

Martin Mainberger, who had directed and co-directed the training center for two decades, retired in 2018 from all training activities. Leading trainer is now Dr. Marcus Hermanns.


Dr. Marcus Hermanns.
Training director, Underwater Archaeologist
Matthias Heine MA.
Scientific Diving Trainer, Underwater Archaeologist
Jonathan Witte.
Scientific Diving Trainer Assistant, Geoinformatics student
Henrik Pohl.
Scientific Diving Trainer Assistant, Underwater Archaeologist (curatorship pile dwellings Austria)
Dr. Prisca Katschker.
Medical Consultant. Physician, Scientific Diver
Dipl.Ing. Rico Schlimper.
Technical Consultant. Diving Engineer, Scientific Diver.
Dr. Martin Mainberger
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