13.2.2020 mm

Crossover Course AAUS - FT - ESD (canceled)

Following up to a course carried out at the University of Constance in 2017, Teraqua is co-organizer of a crossover course to be carried out at the Island of Helgoland. The course aims to crossover Scientific divers holding a AAUS - Certification to a European Scientific Diving / ESD certification. It will be carried out at the Alfred-Wegener Insitute (AWI), Helgoland, from 30.3.2020 - 4.4.2020. Cooperations partners are AWI, Leibnitz-Zentrum für Marine Tropenforschung ZMT and Teraqua. For details see the Announcement.

15.3.2020 mm

Scientific Diving Course canceled for 2020

The Scientic Diving Course (Geprüfter Forschungstaucher according to BG R2112, ESD according to European Scientific Diving Standards planned for 2020 has been canceled.weiterlesen

19.10.2019 mm

FT / ESD course 2017 Macedonia

In a contract and in cooperation with Universität Bern CH, Institut für Altertumswissenschaften , the 2017 course was carried out at Ohrid Lake in Northern Macedonia. Nine applicants from Russia, Ukrainia, Austria, Switzerland and Macedonia completed successfully the certification Geprüfter Forschungstaucher and "European Scientific Diver". The course was combined with an initial underwater archaeological survey in the "Bay of Bones" site. ..

Course video by Marco Hostettler

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